Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Polls: New Zealanders want to keep Section 59

1. Check out this article on Massive Opposition to Repeal of Section 59

Keep Section 59: 83.8% (5,322 respondents)

Repeal Section 59: 12.6% (800 respondents)

Not sure: 3.6% (228 respondents)

2. Down the bottom of the polls page on Muriel Newman's site, you can see the results of her poll on the issue:

Keep Section 59: 97%

Repeal Section 59: 3%

Responses received: 1593

3. TV One Opinon Poll: see the article on the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards website

Support parent's right to use reasonable force: 93%

Against: 7%

The poll is still active. Vote here: poll

4. New Zealand Herald online poll (mid 2005) see the article on here

Keep Section 59: 71.2%

Repeal Section 59: 21%

5. Child abuse conference in Wellington, NZ. See: Society for the Promotion of Community Standards (second paragraph)

“Smacking is ok” 82%

“Keep Section 59” 60%

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