Friday, October 20, 2006


After seeing the petition against Labours latest retrospective legislation, I was thinking maybe we could start a petition against the repeal of section 59 also?

But it probably wouldn't do much, as every poll on issue so far has been pretty overwhelming in it's support of section 59 and the Government is still pursuing the legislation.


Andy Moore said...

Jono, I think we could. The big issue would be I think, getting it out there for all New Zealanders to hear about and sign. How can we do that mate?

By the way people, stand up for your taxpayer dollar, and for what's right. (pun not intended). Sign the petition:
No Royal Assent to Electoral Act Violations

Barbara said...

We considered it as well but found that it would have no standing in Parliament.

But it would sure send a message to the MPs.