Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Letters to the Editor: The silence is deafening

Apologise, Bradford

The silence from member of Parliament Sue Bradford over the abuse of the three-year-old child in Rotorua is deafening. We surrendered the right to discipline our children by the application of timely force to the posterior of our loved ones. We also granted the Government the right to enter our homes and to discipline adults who breached this non-violent approach to discipline. We wre told that it would prevent child abuse. I take it that, by way of apology, Bradford will explain how her amendment failed this child, and that as a mark of her acknowledgement she will step down as an MP.

I could also wake from my dream.

Dennis Mardle

Yes, Dennis, very well put. However I would not say that "we surrendered the right to discipline our children". The fact of the matter is that the Government, Parliament in-fact rode rough-shod over 83% of decent, orderly, law-abiding citizens, pushing it's ugly barrow that is social-engineering.

Where's the outrage?

The Prime Minister's silence is deafening. Where is the outrage? We have a Prime Minister who publicly declares her outrage at an ill woman's demise because the power was turned off. We have our Prime Minister attending this unfortunate woman's funeral. We have people marching on the street with placards against a power company. We have a little girl brutally and systematically tortured - where is the Prime Minister's outrage? We have monsters put away for a minimum four years parole for the torture and murder of a boy. Where is the Prime Minister's outrage? We should all be marching on the streets for that over-used phrase, tougher sentencing. Send the message to our judges:

we will not put up with this.

Catherine Mulder

These two comments taken from The Press 31 July 07, Letters to the Editor.


Anonymous said...

Sue Bradford seems to be a very nice politician that cares for human rights. I think this is the main reason why she is a very staunch and proud advocate for anti-smacking and also for the lowering of the voting age to 16 years. I think Sue probably detests all forms of abuse, regardless of if it's 'just mild abuse' or 'real abuse'.

Servant said...

We surrendered 'our right' because we allowed ourselves to be steam rollered by a government anxious to support the Green Party. We surrendered our right when Labour MP's also surrenderd their vote to support the legislation.
We surrendered our right when the Labour Governemtn was re-elected to carry on their social engineering that we we had condoned during the previous terms.

Andy Moore said...

You're right mate, it's our apathy that is allowing our socialist government to walk all over us. They outlaw correction of children (by use of force, which covers pretty much everything), and now they quietly try and slip a bill through parliament whose goal is to stifle freedom of speech for one out of every three years (election year).

Democracy. Huh.