Monday, October 29, 2007

Letter to MPs: "this law is not working"

This is the email that a mate sent to all MP's who voted for the anti smacking law.
Recently a Wellington resident had the police come around to her property to 'investigate' a suspected case of 'child abuse'. This parent who occasionally uses a smack for the purpose of correction is now a criminal. When the law was passed we were told that a light smack was not going to be criminalized. This law was and is a Anti smacking law. It has nothing to do with child abuse. The law was put there so that the Government could have control of what goes on in the home. The Government does not trust parents to make the right decisions for their children. What the police said to her when they arrived was that if they had to come around again then she would be arrested. If you are arrested then you are suspect and likely to be charged. This makes you are a criminal or at least gives you the feeling of being a criminal. Even though the police let her off this time she was given a warning.
I don't know any good parent who wants the police to come around to their property to 'investigate'.
Would you like the police to come around and 'investigate' what you are doing on your property?
Think about the many thousands of good parents who now live in fear of the police,, just because they use a smack for correction.
This law is not working.
If it's broken, FIX IT.

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