Thursday, November 22, 2007

Whaleoil calls for Key action

A couple of posts from on the new case regarding a father prosecuted for smacking his son.

Email Key


Subject: Time to stand up and be true to your word!

Dear Sir,

We believed you when you said that the first time this happened you would stand up and commit to scrapping this law.
No amount of spin will get you off the hook here.

Please read this :

Now show us that it is worth staying in NZ . And show us that National has some guts.

Kind Regards, Whaleoil


And So it Starts

Three smacks and he's 'guilty' - The Dominion Post: local, national & world news from Wellington's daily newspaper

A man has been found guilty of assault against his child for three smacks on the bum.

Sue Bradford lied to us. She now welcomes this conviction as a good example of the law working as intended. HOLD ON, she said this wouldn't happen that Policce would use discretion and the "law of common-sense" would apply.

This law should be repealed and national should commit to repealing it NOW.


People, email John Key and ask him to take a firm stand on the new law.  He will listen - but only if you speak.


d said...

Light smacks don't cause bruising. Bruising = abuse. Abuse of children is a real problem in this country, and I have to wonder about anyone who fights for their "right" to beat a child.

Andy Moore said...

Hi D, thanks for your comment. This case is complex.

For one thing, the brusing was not caused by the 3 smacks, but by the father grabbing the child by the shoulder - at least that's what I understand from the media reports.

Secondly, as John Campbell and Bob McCoskrie agreed on last night on Campbell Live, we shouldn't be too quick to judge the man as we have only heard the details of the case second-hand from the media.

I agree with you when you say "I have to wonder about anyone who fights for the "right" to beat a child".

Beating and hitting are wrong; child abuse, however a loving smack is a different story altogether.