Monday, February 18, 2008

Timaru Lady Jailed

Scrubone at comments on the Timaru Lady case...

Sadly, not all people are perfect.

The woman who smacked her son and became the "Poster Parent" for the anti-smackers has been sent to jail for an unrelated assult.

No one ever claimed this woman was perfect. What we claimed was that her actions were not abuse - a claim backed by the facts and the courts.

We also claimed that CYFS was wildly out of line - and evidence still remains that that is the case.

Russell Brown stick the knife in, and gives it a good twist.

Note: I've made the decision to redact significant parts of today's post because they may breach a suppression order relating to an earlier case. This seriously vexes me, because it has the effect of protecting some people — most notably Family First's Bob McCoskrie — who have been dishonest about their role in what happened.

Implication is a good way if impugning character without stating facts.

Bob has never, ever advocated child abuse, or behaviours that would lead to it. Neither have I or most (sadly I cannot say all) advocates of parental rights.

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