Thursday, April 10, 2008

UK: Couple turned down as foster parents for smacking policy

David and Heather Bowen, who only smack their daughter as a last resort.

this from 9 April 2008

A Christian couple have been barred from fostering because they occasionally smack their own daughter as "a last resort".

David and Heather Bowen, of Whitmore Road, Taunton, say they would never smack a foster child.

But they were rejected because of their discipline policy for their own child, Emma, 9.

Mrs Bowen, 47, a volunteer helper at Wellsprings Primary School, which Emma attends, said: "We've been open and honest - we smack Emma once or twice a year, but wouldn't smack a foster child.

"It's controlled, on the leg and legal.

"We sit her down and explain what she's done wrong. It's a last resort."

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