Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Families Commission Launches Hypocritical Campaign

"Parenting. The best day's work you'll ever do" reads the large (tax-payer funded) advert at the Bus-stop. And who else would it be, but the Families Commission to give this message to New Zealanders as they drive around the city.

Ironic doesn't even begin to describe the hypocrisy of it. First they back the bill calling for the disempowerment of the majority of Kiwi mums and dads - and then they turn around and say "hey, parenting's the best!".

I have spoken to several thousand Kiwi mums and dads who do use an occasional smack now and then, to correct their children. They do this lovingly - the child understands why he is being smacked, and reconciliation is made. What tool do parents have now, to back up the requests and instructions they give their children?

Do not for one moment believe that the Families Commission is in place to support families - they are a State-run operation that has a huge anti-family agenda. That is, Family as we know it.

I do not doubt the genuine sincerity many of those involved with the commission do have for their job. The majority of these people really do care about child abuse and more functional families in New Zealand - however, they are going about it the wrong way, and are inadvertently working for the destruction of the family.

Self-important beaurocrats sit around tables - some of whom who have never had children, and they theorise about the way families should operate. Look at the list of parenting essentials and you will quickly see that there is no mention of punishment or the fact that children are naughty. Instead, following the humanist manifesto that children are basically good, and that there is no place for negativity in parenting.


Anonymous said...

I dunno... Supernanny manages to teach kids to respect their parents without beating them (the kids).

I think generally people would rather not have kids growing up knowing that violence is ok in certain situations, it makes sense to me.

Andy Moore said...

violence/force is necessary in many - and varying situations as we go through life!

Nobody's talking about beating kids here, all we're asking for is for parents to be able to once again have the discretion whether or not to smack their children.

cheers for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, where is violence ever necessary during life?

Andy Moore said...

Note I said violence/force. Force can be violent - and violence isn't necessarily always wrong.

A few examples of acceptable violence/force would be 1) grabbing a child and holding him/her back from running in front of a car, 2) holding down a struggling child to administer an immunisation, 3) pushing/hitting someone who is trying to molest you, 4) putting an unwilling child in the car when you are in a rush to get somewhere, 5) administering a careful smack to a child, when they understand that what they have done is wrong, and they knew in advance that the punishment would be a smack...

It's part of life, and it's all very well for people to look at life through rose-coloured glasses, but this new law does not make sense to the majority of Kiwi mums and dads.