Saturday, May 24, 2008

"If you don't sign you can't complain"

If You don't sign the petition calling for a referendum on the "anti-smacking' law then you can't complain about the law at present.

With just over 1 month till we have to submit the petition back to the Clerk of the House to check for validity, NOW is the time to sign in order to have some democracy over the "anti-smacking" law.

Please go NOW to and print it sign it and post them into P.O. Box 9228 Greerton, Tauranga.

Also you could email your friends and family and ask them to sign it, or alternatively take it into work. You will be amazed by the positive response. Or do both


BigGirlsBlouse said...

Get over it losers. You can't bash your kids any more or you will be arrested and charged with child abuse. Your petition is going nowhere.

Andy Moore said...

Our petition is, infact, going to bring about a referendum whereby the people of New Zealand will have the opportunity to have their say on the issue.