Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Poland: "Hitting children is bad,Smacking is not"

from www.polskieradio.pl 02/06/2008

The majority of Poles are in favour of a legal ban on hitting children, but at the same time they don't see anything wrong in an occasional smack, a poll published in Rzeczpospolita reveals.

The daily writes that the shocking news of child abuse that have recently shaken Polish public opinion and the government's declarations that spanking children will be prohibited, have little influence over parents' convictions. The daily reminds that in 1990 the Council of Europe demanded that Poland introduce relevant regulations to Polish law.

The Polish National Health Fund is to be abolished, Gazeta Prawna informs. The government wants to divide the central institution into several regional organisations. The decentralisation of the Fund is to end in introducing private health insurance institutions in 2012. In that way, as the Health Minister explains, the health care market will become more competitive as the patients will be able to choose were to pay their money for treatments.

Nasz Dziennik writes that the new Czech health care law is likely to cause Polish-Czech abortion tourism. The new regulations in the Czech Republic provide for almost unlimited access to the procedure of abortion for all foreign women. According to the daily, this situation will weaken the very strict Polish anti-abortion law, as the Polish women will be able to legally end pregnancies in the neighbouring country.

Can't find the poll that this information has been taken from - but the Poles have it right, "hitting and smacking are two different things entirely".

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