Tuesday, April 17, 2007

CIR Petition past half way

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Monday, 16 April 2007, 4:27 pm
Press Release: Larry Baldock and Sheryl Savill

CIR Petition coordinator Larry Baldock announced today that the petition
to force a referendum on the Sue Bradford's Anti-Smacking Bill had
passed the halfway point towards the required target of 300,000

As of today, 150,745 signatures had been received on Sheryl Savill's
Citizens Initiated Referendum on the question, "should a smack as part
of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?

The law allows twelve months to collect the required 300,000 signatures.

"To have arrived at the halfway mark after only six weeks must make this
the fastest petition gathering exercise in the history of the CIR Act,
and needless to say all of us involved are very encouraged by the
support we have received from all over the country," he said.

"While the supporters of Sue Bradord's HOME INVASION, ANTI CORRECTION,
ANTI-SMACKING Bill continue to argue about the accuracy of all the polls
that have been conducted that show an overwhelming majority of
opposition to her bill, we can confidently say we are going to be able
to require a referendum to be held at the next election. There will be
no disputing that result and politicians would be unwise to continue to
ignore the voice of those who elected them into parliament," said Mr

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Wackford Squeers said...

I fear that this petition will not make any difference - even if 300,000 signatures are accomplished. I say this, mindful of the failure of the 99 MP petition some years ago, when a petition was presented to parliament to reduce the number of MPs from 120 to 99.

I could not bear the thought that children will not experience any more pain as result of repeal of Section 59. A frightened and withdrawn child is a very disciplined child. All children need to be frightened into submission.

The long-term results are very interesting too. My oldest daughter has begun to self-mutilate. That really delights me as this confirms that my Section 59 discipline is working extremely well.

We all need to have pain inflicted on us to install discipline and to know our place.