Friday, April 20, 2007

Marcus Lush: hushed up by 13 year old

My thirteen year old brother rang Radio Live tonight (9:20pm 20 April) and spoke to Marcus Lush. The following is what my brother told me about the discussion after he had been cut off.

"I waited on the phone for like, 40 minutes. And when I had been on the phone for like 10 minutes, a guy said "hello, what's your name?" and I [told him my name]. And then he said, "can you just hold the line please?" And then I waited for like, another half an hour. And the kids were all going on about what they did. Then finally when I got on, the guy said "Oh hullo". He didn't say anything so I just said "Oh yeah, I went to Hamner Springs", and he said "oh you too?" and then I said "yeah, and I went on the hydroslide like 40 times and anyway, the second thing I did was, I've been going through malls dropping off petitions to get 300,000 signatures to hold a referendum so it will still be legal to smack your children." And he said "so you've been dropping these pamphlets all throughout malls so you can be hit?" And I was like, "Oh, no, not really hit, but its really taking away parent's rights isn't it, parent's responsibility". "I think it's to stop parents from beating their children to pulp... So whats your favourite way of being smacked" he said. I answered saying, "It doesn't really matter". "I was on TV the other day... I was on TV3". Then he said "so how often do you get smacked?" "Oh not that often I said". "Well, when were you last smacked", he said "About four days ago". "So why were you smacked?" "Ah, I think I was being rude actually". Anyway, so as I got going, he said "Oh, so did you go to a pro-smacking march?" I said "yes, my brother did that - it was on the 28th of March and there were like 3,000 people there, and Si and Gary were there. They were leading the march. But it was actually my brother Andy Moore who organised the whole thing. So we went from Victoria Square to Cathedral Square..." Then Marcus Lush just cut me off and said "oh sorry, got to go now", really fast, and then I was just cut off, hearing a beep beep beep."

After my brother had been abrubtly cut off by this immature and amatuer radio presenter, Marcus Lush commented:

"Oh, I just knew a pro-smacker would ring up... A beautiful night, just ruined."

What a joke - this guy couldn't even hold his own against a 13 year old boy.


Anonymous said...

Grow up!! It did ruin the night. The call had absolutely no relevance to the talk back. Find something better to do than be petty. Maybe look at yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Haha I heard that call and I don't think Marcus ridiculed him enough. All that boy was doing was spouting ridiculous mantras drummed into him by his idiotic older brother and parents. Anyone who has ever listened to Marcus Lush would have realised that a pro smacking call from a child was destined to be ridiculed. The call has since been described as 'creepy' and I couldnt agree more. I think this blog is simply a demonstration of your stupidity but all the same its good for a laugh.

Andy Moore said...

groundless comments from anonymous commentors amuse me even more. Let me assure you.

What is talk back, but talking back? When asked what he did in the holidays, my brother spoke about the fun he had at Hamner Springs, plus his involvement opposing Bradford's anti-discipline bill.

If you get kicks from hearing Lush ridiculing children for stating their stand on a political issue, then tune back in.

dad4justice said...

I heard that call and I believe mr Lush was rather harsh on a young person who was presenting a valid and well-balanced argument. Lush did not give him a fair go! It is certainty not fair to undermine the caller’s intentions and the vicious anonymous comments posted on this thread are a sad indictment of the twisted pro section 59 - socialist - nanny state - brigade. We don’t hide behind anonymity, and we do express what is true. I think you have to vote liarbour to be employed in a state funded radio station?

I asked ms Bradford one a verbal question at a select committeee hearing submissions on the bill – “ Does she think the bill would demonize innocent parents?" She got up from her chair and left the room. Seems like mr Lush and ms Bradford cannot hold their own - so they terminate proceedings to suit themselves.Anyway it is futile to argue with fools.

Andy Moore said...

Dead right D4J.

2 Timothy 2:23

Wackford Squeers said...

Why should people like Marcus Lush ruin my right to smack my children?

I really enjoy smacking my children until they cry out in pain. This discipline gives me so much satisfaction.

I love Section 59 - is it the best piece of legislation since sliced bread. Without it, my children would never be afraid of me and I would lose total control of them. This self-serving approach to discipline is absolutely brilliant.

It gives me so much delight to see my children submissive, pliant and fearful. How dare Sue Bradford remove my right to treat my children as I see fit

Shove off Sue Bradford!!!

Anonymous said...

Ironic that Marcus Lush just won the supreme NZ radio award whilst you tossers are running an obscure blog that severely overestimates your importance

Andy Moore said...

What's your problem Squeers? You write like a madman.

Winning the award doesn't make it right for him to rubbish a 13 year old who holds the same view as 83% of the rest of New Zealand.

My importance? Hahaha, this is about the future of families in New Zealand mate.

Anonymous said...

I think,it is such a bigger problem than a law that says you cant smack your children,what about the young girls that are having children,because of unsafe sex or because they think they are in love,If i were in goverment i would send a note home that would read your daugther\son is going to be steralised on thursday blar,blar.
I reckon half the notes would be signed ,saying no dont do that,and the other half sterilise them,untill such times ,say untill marrige or prove that they really love one anotherBring back death penalty,life for a life,oh and people that abuse their children,torcher them,publicy.