Thursday, September 06, 2007

Unity for Liberty: Rodney Campaign report

Arna Mountain has weaved some magic and is now setting the pace and it's
all happening again on Sat 15th Sept(). Here's her report from Rodney's

On Saturday 1 September from 9-12.00 noon a group of about 30 supporters
from Unity for Liberty and Voice Rodney went out on the streets in
Orewa, Whangaparaoa, Silverdale and Warkworth. With their placards and
enthusiasm  they asked people to sign petitions pushing for the two
referendums. The group split and went to 4 different locations. Sports
playing fields in Stanmore Bay,and outside The Plaza, Silverdale, and
the Orewa shopping centre. There was also a group in the Warkworth
Shopping area.
Although a little disappointed that so few people turned up we were very
encouraged  that 1174 signatures were collected in 3 hours.
People stopped their cars when they saw the placards and hopped out to
sign the petitions. At times we had a number of people wanting to sign
at the same time and they would wait till one the clip boards were free.
Some shop assistants came over from the local supermarket to see what we
were doing during their breaks. It was obviously a topic of
I think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of discontent. There
are 1000's out there who want to sign these petitions. They no longer
want the government to intrude into their family life. They have gone
too far!

We were fortunate that two reporters from local papers stopped and
wanted photos and details of what we were doing.

I encourage others to start campaigns in their areas. It may seem
formidable but 83% of the nation will be  behind this and will support
you, as many of us are finding out.

We are having another campaign in Rodney on Sat 15 September 9-12 noon.
Please join us this time and make a difference. It is not hard to get
signatures. Meet 8:40am at  Gateway Church Carpark, Red Beach

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Anonymous said...

Nice work Rodney People.
keep at it. People know that the change to s59 was ridiculous. Referendum seems the only way to be heard.