Friday, April 13, 2007

Diane Levy speaks for 15% Kiwis

Diane Levy (parenting expert) writes:

"From time immemorial, children have been smacked, caned or strapped (and let us not forget the famous cry, 'I'm going to get the wooden spoon') when they have misbehaved. This has been seen as a punishment for bad  behaviour.

The idea was that children would learn, through punishment, that what they did was unacceptable and would feel disinclined to repeat the behaviour; punishment was unpleasant so it was negative reinforcement.

So have I smacked? Yes. As a method of discipline do I recommend it? No - and here's why.  There are no winners

You ask your child to take his glass to the sink. He doesn't want to.  You offer him a smack. He opts for the smack and then says, 'That didn't hurt.' You produce a smack that does. His eyes water but he holds his ground and says, 'I'm still not going to do it.' You smack once more. He  cries, but he is still not going to do it.

At this point, one of two things can happen. One, you lose your temper - not surprisingly - and wind up hitting him much harder than you intended. Most parents find this very upsetting. Result: your child is  distraught (possibly crying in his room); you are distraught (possibly crying in your room); the glass is doing fine. At the end of an episode like this it is unlikely that you will have the heart to insist he takes  the glass to the sink..."

Just because some people (15% Kiwis) decide that they won't smack their children, or that smacking doesn't work for their family, this does not mean that no parents, therefore, should be permitted to use smacking as one of the forms of disciplining thier children.

The anti-democratic Nanny State borders on communism and smacks of dictatorship as it continues in it's attempt to push Bradford's bill through Parliament.   85% of New Zealand's population being opposed to this bill apparently has no bearing upon the Labour/Green/Maori MPs decisions.

Don't sit back and let them walk all over us.  Go to and find out how to email the MPs, - vote in the online polls, and get involved in stopping the repeal of Section 59.


Steve-o said...

"The anti-democratic Nanny State borders on communism".. Dude you might want to reconsider that. Communism is an economic idea (basically all the economy is planned centrally), not a social idea.

Andy Moore said...

Communism is primarily about economy, but does impact fairly significantly on society.
Communism can be applied socially by saying that all children should be collectivised. And seeing that Helen Clark, leader of our current government is a communist, I don't see that I should reconsider my statement - cheers.