Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In response to Roger Boyce's letter

Below, my letter to the Editor of The Press - published Saturday 7April 2007

Dear Sir,

In response to Roger Boyce's letter (4 April);  I have indeed posted some comments on posts on the blogsite whaleoil.co.nz primarily related to the Section 59 debate,.  I imagine Mr Boyce has also posted comments on blogsites which he otherwise disagrees with about issues that concern him. May I please just clear my name and indicate that I love Arabic people and was strongly opposed to the 'Boobs on Bikes' parade.  I certainly do not endorse binge-drinking or illicit drug use but actively discourage it

While I have contributed to whaleoil.co.nz, I no more agree with all that is written on the blogsite than people who write letters to The Press agree with all that occurs in it. I do, however have a blog, section59.blogspot.com which I am happy stand by.

I am totally opposed to child abuse. As Michele Wilkinson-Smith showed in the Press (29/03/07), Section 59 has been used on many occasions to successfully prosecute abusive parents. 

I am deeply concerned by the efforts of people like Mr Boyce to illegitimately discredit as right wing extremists those who, like me, are opposed to Sue Bradford's Bill on the grounds of conscience. My prayer for myself, Mr Boyce and New Zealand is that we will listen to truth and not lies.

Yours Sincerely,
Andy Moore

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