Thursday, May 10, 2007

68% to 83% of Kiwis say: "Drop the bill!"

Here are the results from the most recent TV3 poll:

Question: Do you support the anti-smacking bill now that it has been amended?
Results: Yes - 539, or 16%; No - 2244, or 68%; Don't know - 146, or 4%; I was happy with the bill as it was - 370, or 11%.
Total votes: 3299
confirmed by Jono Hutchinson, online News Editor for TV3 News

And here is the research by Family First, showing that 83% of Kiwis want to keep Section 59:
Click here to see the outcome of the research based on 21 polls New Zealand wide

So we're all asking Parliament: Why are you going ahead and pushing this stupid bill through?

Click here to Email the MPs and ask them to vote according to their concience, and to listen to what the people of New Zealand are saying

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