Friday, May 11, 2007

The Labour party has completely lost it

from here written 28.03.06

Our government are a complete bunch of wankers, tosspots and morons. Banning smacking is designed to intentionally criminalise the vast majority of parents, so they can be arrested and charged at any time - the way an Authoritarian state starts its business plan.

Then HC says that Police "are smart enough to enforce the law appropriately" even after the police have said they will be FORCED to investigate EVERY allegation of smacking. This will mean that in short order, children will be blackmailing parents with the threat of calling the cops and saying they've been smacked. Handing that power to children is insane.

Then, the implication that the police will not charge anyone for "light smacking" regardless that it is illegal, seems to suggest that the laws of NZ will not be enforced. Can I then shoplift only small items, and plead in court that it is the equivalent of "light smacking" because it is only "light theft"?

Honestly, it boggles the mind that ANY government could even CONSIDER passing a law where 85% of voters are against it.

Our country is run by complete nutjobs.

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