Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tariana Turia: supports repeal but plays down murder of baby

I found this interesting comment here.  May 8

Of course Turia also blames the settlers for wiping out every Maori in NZ due to a Holocaust a couple of hundred years ago.

While Turia is supporting Bradford's stupid anti smacking Bill a few of Turia's great people have murdered a 2 year old baby. Yet Turia doesn't claim the baby was murdered at all. Turia is in complete denial over it because a few of her own people are involved and hasn't managed to think upa way of blaming the first settlers to NZ for it yet.

How crazy is it for someone supporting Bradford's stupid anti smacking  Bill to be playing down the murder of the 2 year baby New Zealander and defending the gangs as well?

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