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Girl, 10yrs: Govt. shouldn't tell us what we can and can't eat

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Christchurch's The Star, Friday paper11.05.2007

There will be no more fish and chip lunches at Avondale Primary School, and 10-year-old Georgia Wederell is not happy.

In the past the school has held a fish and chip lunch day each winter term, however this year the lunch has been canned, leaving Georgia disappointed.

"It's really annoying," she said.

"We should have the choice of whether we have fish and chips or not. It should be up to us and our parents, not the Government telling kids what they can and can't eat ."

Georgia thought the key to healthy eating was being able to make choices, knowing the good from the bad and not being told "no" she cannot have a particular type of food.

"It should be up to us, not the school or anyone else. I don't like fish and chips that much anyway, but it's the principle of it."

Georgia's dad, Mark Wederell, agreed. He said he knew some parents made unhealthy choices for their children on a regular basis, but other children shouldn't be punished for that.

"We should at least be able to have the choice," he said.

Avondale principal Mark Scown said the fish and chip lunch was cancelled as it "flew in the face" of the school's health curriculum.

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Georgia would make a better Prime Minister than Helen Clark.

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