Saturday, March 31, 2007

Childless labour youth protest in ignorance

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Whale Oil makes a damn fine point about the supporters of changing section 59:

If we ever needed any more proof that Labour is right behind (so to speak) this bill then there it is right there. Members of their own Youth wing , who are actively and overtly homosexual and childless protesting something they would know almost nothing about.

Lets get to the point. Helen Clark doesn't like children. Her front bench cannot contain many parents, let alone her party. Helen is not a supporter of discussing things when she can bully her MPs into voting the way she wants - how could we expect her to tell us to do the same wth our kids?

Many Labour bloggers (the prominent ones) also have no experience with kids, nor will ever have children. Why are they jumping up and down supporting this amendment?

CYFS and police are saying now that they WILL investigate ANY accusations of smacking made against parents. Parents will all be put into the same category as child molesters and violent parents. And you wonder why parents are pissed off.

If you read the leftie blogs look at how they tackle the issue. They call their opponents fundamentalists and child beaters. They go to protest and all they do is lampoon their opponents and not discuss the issue. I remember when the Exclusive Brethrens were villified in their own country by Clark. She called them every name under the sun because they spent their own money opposing them.

Helen is a woman who is willing to damage her own partys credibility so that she gets her own way. Her arrogance has led her to believe that she knows best and not 80% of the population.

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