Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Selling Out

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The Maori Party is really in the gun. What they've done to their own
culture, selling out to a radical form of feminism that most Pakeha
won't even endorse, letting two other political parties direct their own
party's steps over the clear wishes of 80% or more of their own people
is really quite reprehensible, even more reprehensible than the
goose-stepping-on-your-face distain Labour shows for its constituents.

Bradford's Bill to criminalise the act of parental correction of
children will re-define the entire parent-child and child-family
relationships. Cutting the child out of the context of its own whanau,
separating it from its parents and bestowing upon the child a set of
"rights" determined by the political state without consulting the
parents, whanau or cultural norms is a completely foreign way to treat

"The best interests of the child" is the mantra of these
Internationalists who fawn at the hand of the United Nations...and that
means a child considered on its own, without reference to parents,
whanau or cultural links. The child is not just seen as an autonomous
individual, but one with individual rights. Who bestows these rights?
The state. Who will protect these rights? The state and its agents
(social workers, police, teachers and increasingly the staff of Plunket,
Barnardos, doctors' offices, etc.). And from whom does the child need
protection that its rights should not be infringed? Parents. Parents are
the prime suspects at all times in the eyes of nanny state and its

Be afraid, parents, of Bradford's Bill to criminalise you. Be very
afraid. Be outraged, Maori people, for you have been sold over to

Craig Smith

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