Friday, March 30, 2007

Clayton Cosgrove in Rangiora

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Just a brief report here on my *meeting* with Clayton Cosgrove.

In his "caravan" parked at the side of the road in the middle of Rangiora (near Christchurch), Cosgrove didn't want to listen to me - he just wanted to tell me what the repeal of Section 59 meant for New Zealand. He said that all the repeal would do would be to remove the defence for parents who abused their children.

When I mentioned the fact that 80% of New Zealanders did not want Section 59 repealed, he told me: "Those 80% who hold your opinion are wrong".

His PA, when I refered to Bradford's bill as "the anti-discipline" bill said - "so are you saying that smacking is the only way to discipline your children?" An actual fact, by explicitly allowing force in some circumstances, only not for correction, the bill is exactly that, anti-Discipline.

Please note, quotes are from memory - not verbatim.

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