Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Zealand: when 15% > 80% - this is Dictatorship

Helen Clark is now seeking to make Bradford's bill a "Government bill". This will mean that it will get the highest priority, enabling Labour and the Greens to rush the bill through Parliament - ignoring the massive outcry from the public.

If they do this, mark my words, it will be their downfall.

// "Public opinion says no - but she [Helen] says yes" - NZ Herald.

// "The
childless Prime Minister thinks she knows better than the public" - Christine Rankin.

// "Some bill opponents are demanding the right to be able to thrash and beat children" - Helen Clark.

// "When 85 per cent of New Zealanders are opposed to this bill, we would be a pretty sick Opposition if we didn't do our best on their behalf," - Gerry Brownlee.

// Clark, Bradford, and their small bunch of out-spoken but dwindling bunch of supporters have said many times, "Smacking is illegal - it has been for 100 years". If this is the case, then why have my parents not been prosecuted - why is it only now that I learn that my family has been operating on the wrong side of the law since when Mum and Dad first smacked me?

//Ella Edginton said she was "disgusted" by the large number of "brainwashed children" brought along to "bulk up their numbers". Hmmm, the children I saw their didn't look as if they had been brainwashed Ella. Do children disgust you? You're just jealous that the Bradford supporters were few and far between. Only ONE Bradford supporter spoke up at the Christchurch march, and he didn't have anything intelligent to say.

New Zealand: Fellow Kiwis. When 15% is listened to, and 80% of our country's people's voices are ignored, we have to look around and see that something is wrong. The "Reds" are going down in 2008 - but until then, I am afraid, our *government* is nothing better than a Dictatorship. I am not going to keep quiet on this issue - I encourage you all to stand up - make your voice be heard.

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dad4justice said...

I am the good father to four kiwi born children, and I am most concerned about the direction of a Marxist government intent on destroying parental rights and traditional family values. It is sad that our once proud nation is controlled by a radical feminist regime .The children deserve a family friendly government, as that is in the best intersts of New Zealand children.

Andy Moore said...

Too right, D4J. It's dictatorship when the Clark/Bradford Regime can "run things" against the will of a clear majority of New Zealanders.

To heck with "smacking is violence" and "children should have the same rights as adults".

Lets put this issue before a Nationwide public referendum.

What on earth could the Govt. possibly have to fear? Is it not, after all, supposed to be by the people, for the people?

Where has representation gone? I would say - in the same direction that Joe Dimaggio went.