Monday, March 26, 2007

Destiny Church to march

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Date: 26 March 2007

Auckland 6am: The Destiny Church is planning another march on Parliament grounds, this time over the anti-smacking bill.

Brian Tamaki, from the church, says they'll be staging a mass rally in May in protest at yet another attempt by Government to undermine
traditional family values. The Destiny Church has protested about two other pieces of Government legislation, the Foreshore Bill in 2004 and the more recent Civil Union Bill.

Sue Bradford's Anti-Smacking Bill continues to gather controversy.

Today, locals in Feilding are marching against it while ructions have erupted in New Zealand First after president Dail Jones threatened to demote two MPs for voting for the bill.

New Zealand First is voting on conscience lines  - with five MP's voting against it and two for it.

MP and former party president Doug Woolerton supports the bill, and says he's not going to be told how to vote.

And I say "Doug, who are you voting for?  Yourself?  Or New Zealand" For crying out loud, listen to the nation, you people in Parliament.

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