Monday, April 02, 2007

Gordon Copeland's selling out

this from

"United Future is proposing an amendment to the smacking bill to ensure
parents can still to put a child in time-out without attracting police

Gordon, don't let us down mate.  Reasonable force must be ok for the purposes of correction.
If parents are only allowed to use reasonable force to "put their child on the naughty mat", and the other things outlined in Bradford's bill, good parents will still get taken to the cleaners.

"The bill by Green MP Sue Bradford would remove the defence of reasonable
force if parents are arrested for assaulting their children.

United Future's Gordon Copeland claims the bill will make parents
criminals when they simply pick a child up to take them to a 'naughty

He will put forward the amendment the next time the bill is heard, which
may be tomorrow if the Government decides to adopt the legislation as
its own."

Mums and Dads of New Zealand.  Are you keen to have CYFS bust into your house and grill your 10 year old for 3 or 4 hours on the subject of "do mummy and daddy smack you little Jimmy? - We're your friends little Jimmy, we really love you."  And all this because your neighbor got brassed off at you when you didn't agree to go halves on a new fence with him.

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