Saturday, April 07, 2007

The inhuman liberal left

The repeal S59 lobby is now saying that the anti-repeal lobby (you and me) believe children to be not fully human.

Once you've stopped laughing...

How ridiculous. These pro-abortion people
(child-killers) have the audacity to tell us that we believe that children are not fully human.

this article from

"I am absolutely appalled at the latest assault on those against therepeal of s59. The article which triggered this was plastered on the front page of today's DomPost. I find it so offensive, and just so wrong, it may require several posts. And letters to the editor, to my MP, to the Human Rights Commission, and the authors of this unmitigated piece of crap - Victoria University and Save the Children.

"Children seen as not fully human"

How pathetic that accusation. These "researchers" took the submissions for the s59 repeal bill, and "analysed" the language used, to decide that those against the repeal saw children as "human-becoming". That such people saw children as "not fully human".

What crap. These idiots have substituted the word "adult" for human, casually redefining human to fit their narrow ideological perspective that has instantly biased their report.

What's the bet if we queried the pro and against groups, not to mention the researchers themselves, the repeal s59 camp largely see abortion as the destruction of a few cells, and those they are now attempting to mis-characterise see even an unborn child as human.

Human is human, and there are simply different levels of maturity in the cycle of life. To draw a line on adulthood, and define that as human to "explain" that parents see children as "less than human/adult" is simply a calculated propaganda attack, mis-characterizing the obvious differences between children and adults.

Shame on these researchers. Shame."

One commentor on this post writes:

"The three "researchers" are in fact from the VUW School of Govt. At
least two of them used to be govt policy analysts - this smells totally
of a Labour govt jackup to bully the population.

NONE of the researchers have PhDs, compared with say David Fergusson
from UoOtago who, has a PhD and 25 years experience in this arena. Not
surprisingly, he has a totally different view on this matter.

VUW is becoming a laughing stock amoung academics - it is nothing more
than Labour yes machine. It just confirms the old saying - when you pay
peanuts you get monkeys."

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