Tuesday, April 03, 2007

letter from CYFS to John Campbell

letter from CYFSWATCH (Child Youth and Families Services Watch) to John Campbell of the Campbell Live TV3 show

Dear John,

We note that you will having a panel discussion on the Anti-Smacking Bill on Monday 2/4/07.

We anticipate that Sue Bradford will be in attendance on the night.

As it is VERY clear to us that Ms Bradford is STILL not able to tell the difference between a smack and abuse, we wondered if we may be permitted to demonstrate the difference on her person during the debate, on live TV?

We can also assist Ms Bradford in determining the difference between "a plank of wood" and a ruler; a "horse whip" and a riding crop; a smack on the hand and a "beating" about the head; a spank on the bottom and a "thrashing" of the body; a "fundamentalist Christian" and a concerned parent; telling the truth in private, and lying in public to the people of NZ; and why it does more harm to a child to abort it (a practice that Sue Bradford endorses), as opposed to smacking it (a practice that Sue Bradford opposes).

And finally, we could explain to Sue Bradford the difference between "the rule of law" and the "discretion" of the law enforcers.

Please advise accordingly.


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