Monday, April 02, 2007

Winston's choice: NZ First or Labour First

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Monday, 2 April 2007, 8:07 am Press Release: New Zealand National Party

Winston Peters has a very important choice to make on the anti-smacking bill on his return from overseas, says National's Shadow Leader of the House, Gerry Brownlee.

"New Zealand First or Labour First - that is the question for Winston Peters over the anti-smacking bill," says Mr Brownlee.

"If Mr Peters turns around and makes the decision that the Labour Government can progress the bill as government business in Parliament this week, then he is putting Labour First - not New Zealand First.

"The polls show that 80 per cent of New Zealanders do not support this legislation.

"New Zealand First's own supporters will be hoping that Mr Peters doesn't desert the principles his party was founded on - one of which is protecting the public against bad government.

"This will be a real test for Winston Peters.

"It's up to you Mr Peters: New Zealand First or Labour First."

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