Monday, April 02, 2007

Repeal a Naked Grab for Power

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The Bill to repeal Section 59 is a clumsy and naked grab by the state to
usurp the natural authority of parents over their own children.

It forbids parents from correcting their own children! Correction,
changing bad behaviour and attitudes and language into good, is a core
responsibility and expectation of all parents.

This Bill goes way beyond banning smacking. It removes parental
authority. It forbids parents from correcting their own children.
Correction of children is then legally authorized only by the agents of
the state: the police, teachers, social workers.

This is home and family invasion on a gross scale. It is doing massive
political and administrative violence to families. By interposing itself
between parents and children, by rendering children's parents impotent,
it is doing great psychological and emotional damage to children. When
parents are under constant threat of legal action by both Police and
CYFS, the stress hampers their parenting and renders it less effective.

This Bill will combine with the law of compulsory school attendance to
give the state political machine the major role to legally control and
influence the children of this country. Why? Because the Bill transfers
from parents to the agents of the state the authority to correct
children; and the schooling system serves as the state's major tool of
social engineering, a channel for political propaganda.

And once we give the state bureaucrats our children, we might just as
well give them everything else...they will come for it soon enough
anyway. Once we make the big compromise with regard to our children,
nothing else matters any more.

by Craig Smith

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