Monday, April 30, 2007

17 year old on the Anti-Smacking Bill

30 April 07

The Anti-Smacking Bill is an invasion into the homes and lives of Kiwi families. This is just another way for the government to control the way New Zealander's raise their kids.

Police and other authorities have said that this is going to be a law that is incredibly difficult if not impossible to enforce. I side with them on this one, by saying no parents are allowed to discipline their children, then you are lumping good parents in with all the bad ones!

There is no way to stop the parents who are beating their kids to death with this bill; the parents will just stop bothering to take their kids to hospital, and then the parents who are taking their kids to hospital after the child has had an accident will be looked at suspiciously and as if they are criminals.

What world are we living in? When a parent can't raise their child like they want to.


Sue Bradford wants to change the bill that allows reasonable force on children. This new bill called the anti smacking bill means if a parent smacks a child the parent can be charged with assault even for picking the child up to placed in “time out”. What they are trying to stop is child abuse I don’t believe the parents who are already breaking the law by abusing there children are going to stop just because a new law says so. There are many people who don’t want this bill in a recent poll only 18% of people want this law change. The message is clear to our politicians,” says Mr McCoskrie. “Reject the bill, don’t criminalise our good parents. This is going to criminalise good parents. I don’t think this bill should go through.

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