Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wednesday’s mass rally to up anti against smacking bill

from www.familyvalues.net.nz

With business resuming at parliament this week, organisers of Wednesday's mass rally at parliament grounds intend to present a strong case against the anti-smacking bill.

"We've had tremendous expressions of support from people right around the country who like us, have had a guts-full of governments continued interference in the lives of good kiwi families. We know of people traveling from the far North and South Island to be at the Capital for Wednesday's rally," say the organisers.

The event coincides with the next parliament debate on the bill and aims to influence MP's to reject the bill.

"We believe this bill is fundamentally flawed because it works from the basis that all New Zealand parents beat their children. MP's advocating the bill will place ordinary, law abiding parents at significant risk of prosecution and State intervention should they discipline their own children in circumstances formerly deemed reasonable and appropriate – this is really bad law that we are compelled to challenge," added the organisers

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