Friday, May 04, 2007

Rodney Hide: "Ammendment makes no difference"

from Rodney Hide's blog:
Thursday, May 03, 2007

I arrived back in the country jetlagged and flew onto Wellington to
learn that an historic peace had broken out with Helen Clark and John
Key agreeing to a compromise on the smacking bill.
Good on John Key I thought. He's taken the high ground and made a
difference. That's what I thought. Until I saw the amendment.
It makes no difference. Of course, the police have the discretion
whether to prosecute. If anyone knows that, it's Helen Clark!! This
amendment just confirms it and then adds the confusing terms
"inconsequential" and "public interest".
Then John Key wips the National Party caucus to vote for it. So now
Labour and National are voting for Sue Bradford's anti-smacking bill.
The criticisms National made of the Bill still stand except now they are
all voting for it.
But get this: I move Chester Borrows' amendment last night because he
wouldn't. That defines clearly what is allowed and what is not. National
voted against it, including Chester.
It must be the jet lag or something. I can't figure it out!
Here is an interesting exchange with Chester:

Rodney Hide: "Is it true that the police have a decision not to prosecute?"
Chester Borrows: Yes.
Rodney Hide: So this does nothing to Sue Bradford's bill?
Chester Borrows: No.


dad4justice said...

I said it before the smacking fiasco started and I will say it again , that this whole saga was a well planned plot and it was feminist and communist social engineering . The government want the names of the biological fathers removed from certificates next. The radical feminists want to crush the traditional family, so they can set the agenda for the future . Kiwiland is in the grip of evil and its time to start fighting back !!

Mister Creakle said...

Indeed so & these ultra-feminist witches & hereticks whilst pretending to maintain the cause of righteousness, scandalise both it and all goodness, with malitious lies: whose anonymous Reporters have even sold themselves to the Press, to abuse the peace of this poor distracted state, whose audacious Pens bedabbled in the Gall of bitterness, set forth presumtuous things, maligning Authority & Discipline, and speaking evil of true & able Dignities. These very same vipers who, aiming at the confusion of the state strike at her very pillars, cast their venomous Froth upon the cause of common sense & justice infecting it with the most dire calumnities.

Surely such evil intents cannot be permitted to prevail & Divine Retribution shall visit a Blast upon the arrogance of these Wretches.