Thursday, May 03, 2007

Nats fail 80% of Kiwis, only ACT left now

As I mentioned earlier, both ACT MPs are holding firm in their opposition to Sue Bradford's Section 59 Bill. To answer why, I cannot do any better than Idiot/Savant who live-blogged this evening's proceedings-

Rodney Hide: Congratulated Sue Bradford and Helen Clark for building a strong coalition in support of the bill - but staggered that anyone has changed their vote, as the amendment makes no difference to the bill (he's entirely right on this point IMHO). Said that the entire National Party had been fooled, and were backing Sue Bradford's original position. Offered to move Chester Borrow's amendment himself (and was handed a copy by Gordon Copeland to let him do it).

Unfortunately the Borrows/Hide amendment (not ideal itself) was soundly beaten 111-9 with only Judy Turner, Gordon Copeland and five NZ First MPs voting with Rodney and Heather. Given the fact that Chester Borrows did not vote in favour of the amendment he had put so much effort into, and the overwhelming turnaround by 47 of National's 48 MPs (excluding Rich), you have to wonder if National actually allowed a free vote.

If they did, it's a pretty stunning change in opinion in just a matter of days (see Judith Collins proudly proclaiming she smacked her kids- something that there will be NO defence for when the Bill passes). If they didn't, well, they can rightly be labelled as hypocrites after banging on about Labour applying the whip.

UPDATE- Interesting comment thread on the ACT website. Seems some people are none too happy with Mr Key.

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