Thursday, May 03, 2007

CloseUp May 2: Key/Bradford/Clark stand together, confused

Smacking Feedback
Last night we received more than 600 emails about the smacking issue, more than 90 percent of which were against Sue Bradford's bill.

CloseUp: (5377 participants)
BuzzPoll says: 87% NZers say smacking is sometimes appropriate

Watch the footage here:

Mark Sainsbury says to Helen Clark: "So you're listening to the people?"  Clark lies: "absolutely listening to the people...  I think everybody has."

Simon Barnett's sensible arguments leave Key, Bradford and Clark in the deep end.  Here's the situation: John Key doesn't want to admit that he is backing down to Labour by accepting that this new ammendment is different from the ammendment that he originally proposed.  Helen Clark doesn't want to admit that the bill has actually changed.  And Sue Bradford is trying to pretend that: yes, there has been a change, but no, it isn't really a change, because it was law already.

They are chasing each other's tails and getting nowhere.  Confusing the New Zealand Public and themselves.

Simon Barnett on the other hand, sees through the propaganda.  He brings up the point: The new ammendment simply states: even though it is illegal, you won't be prosecuted if the offense is trifling.

Watch the footage.  If you can put up with Helen's spindoctoring and John's weak-kneed compromised position when he is supposed to be the opposition.


Allan said...

I caught a few minutes of it but really couldn't put up with the stupidity of what was being said by our darling MPs. (Simon for PM?)

Helen says everyone is listening to the public. If that is true then she has simply said that they have decided to ignore what the public wants and go ahead with what they want themselves instead.

Andy Moore said...

Good point Allan.
Clark: "We're all listening to the voice of the people".

So there's only two possible reasons for what is happening now. Either they are not listening, or they are listening, but ignoring what they hear.

A binding referendum is the only thing we can do now to retain our status as a democratic Nation.

Anonymous said...

So parents who smack are now lawbreakers. The police always had discretion but nobody seems to have thought that it might be CYPFS, a disgruntled other parent or a child himself who could seel a prosecution under the law. Let's pull out the stops for a referendum.

Andy Moore said...

Dead on mate.

CYFS has even more power now.

If they didn't, Bradford would have pulled her bill. The fact that she is happy with it proves that the compromise is not even a compromise.

Vote Labour or National. What's the difference?

Only 3 MPs out of 121 actually care what the people of New Zealand think.

Vote ACT in 08.