Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Eccumenical Church favours Anti Smacking Bill

Here is the advert for the "eccumenical prayer vigil":

Apart from using a verse of the Bible out of it's original context, this advert is pathetic drivel. They're going to be praying for peace in our families. Huh. Well, actually, we don't need to repeal Section59 to have peace in our families. It's sad to see these few churches in Wellington cosying up to Helen Clark - a self-proclaimed Communist, and Sue Bradford, a pro-abortion femminist.

And then you've got the poll on the Anglican Social Justice website. Here are the results as at 11am, 1 May:


I think s59 (use of reasonable force) should be repealed
  • I agree!: 36% (84)
  • Good principle, bad bill: 11% (25)
  • Bad principle, bad bill: 47% (111)
  • What is section 59?: 6% (15)

Total Votes : 235


They trip themselves up further by lying:
"The Anglican Church's position is clear on repeal of Section 59 - we favour it as a valuable step forward in the journey to a less violent society. And for that reason, we continue to support its journey through the House."

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