Friday, October 26, 2007

Unprecedented Socialism from Children's Commissioner

Below are some excerpts from Cindy Kiro's Ten Year Vision for New Zealand, with comments.
Click here to read Cindy Kiro's "Ten Year Vision"

...Te Ara Tukutuku Nga Whanaungatanga o Nga Tamariki provides a systematic approach to monitoring development of every child and young person in New Zealand, and supporting families to make sure children have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
[It is the Government's job to individually monitor every single child from birth til end of high-school]

Planned assessment at key life stages, including early childhood, primary and secondary school entry, and moving to tertiary education or employment and training opportunities, is a key component of the framework.
[At least four compulsory Government assessments of your child - quite possibly many more]

The assessment will take into account the whole child; their physical, social, educational, emotional, and psychological development. Within these domains different factors will be more important depending on the age of the child.
[The Government is responsible for a child's physical, social, educational, emotional and psychological development.  Oh, I thought that was the parent's job.]

In the early years there is would be a focus on attachment between infant and caregivers, [Yes - that's right, we don't say "parents" now] and on physical growth and development. School engagement is important [Why?] between age five and nine, and at entry to secondary school a review of general health , personal identity and social wellbeing [This will almost certainly include assessment of "sexual orientation" and further aspects of the child's life which are not at all in the Government's jurisdiction] are key issues. The final assessment would focus on preparedness for transition from compulsory education [Only slaves are forcibly educated by their government] to further education, training or employment...

...Where statutory interventions or specialist intervention are required the integrated service delivery will continue, co-ordinated by a practitioner with statutory or professional responsibility to take the lead professional role...
[Parents are not qualified to look after their own children.  Professionals (Agents of the State) must investigate every single child to find out if they meet their criteria]

...For the framework to function effectively, those involved with a child or family will need to have access to information that helps them to make better decisions. A sound information base is essential if we are going to make sure that every child is safe and protected, enjoys the resources to take an active role in society, and understands and enjoys their human rights...
[This means bigger, more comprehensive databases of every single child in the country - from their whole life, not just while they are children]


This "Ten Year Vision" is an as yet unprecedented demonstration of communism in New Zealand.  The position of "Children's Commissioner" is a very new one, and set up by our current Labour Government.  With the passing of the anti-parental-authority law, Cindy Kiro has the stepping-stool she needs to reach further into families New Zealand wide. 

As they attempt to further prise apart parents and children, the State is attempting to indoctrinate children with the idea that "you have a chioce", "we're you're friends" - "your parents aren't necessarily the best ones to be looking after you".  "You're 13? no, we won't tell your parents if you go ahead with the abortion", "You're 8 years old, you're old enough to decide for yourself what gender-orientation you wish to associate yourself with".

Watch out Mum's and Dad's of New Zealand, there is a lot of bad stuff coming, just around the corner.  Don't sit back and say nothing.

" All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke/

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mallard Voted For Anti-Smacking - Should Resign


Family First is calling on Labour MP Trevor Mallard to resign as a result of assaulting another MP.

"Not only has he set an atrocious example to our young people, but in May he voted for Sue Bradford's bill to ban reasonable parental correction," says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

"Mr Mallard has seen fit to criminalise good parents who use a light smack for the purpose of correction, yet has assaulted another MP. No reasonable force. Not for the purpose of correction. Simply a lack of control and discipline."

"Mr Mallard can suggest that there were extenuating circumstances, but this same defence is not available to parents. Police discretion should not be available in an extreme case like this," says Mr McCoskrie. "There was absolutely nothing reasonable in what he did."

In the interests of maintaining the integrity and standard of political leadership, Mr Mallard should accept the standards imposed on all other New Zealand's and resign.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Misbehaving Teens need better Discipline

Misbehaving Teens need better Discipline Retiring Cop Says
from | Monday, 8 October 2007

retiring Havelock policeman, Senior Constable Graeme Barsanti, says youths are out of control.

Police are powerless to make youths accountable for their actions, says a retiring officer.

Senior Constable Graeme Barsanti, of Havelock, will end 39 years in the police on October 19.

He said more respect and discipline were needed.

Barsanti told of seeing two boys, 14 and 11, on skateboards who nearly hit a woman on the main street of Havelock. He told them to take more care and to be more respectful of older people.

"Their words to me are unprintable and because of their age I could do nothing," Barsanti said.

Two days later, the boys yelled foul language across the road to him and members of the public heard, he said.

"When I approached them and their parents, they used the same foul language to their parents and said, `You can't do anything to me'," Barsanti said.

"To me, the parents have a right to deal with their kids and I should have a right to hold them responsible for their actions."

Although he could take young offenders' names and refer them to Youth Aid for a family group conference, bureaucracy had gone wrong, he said. "There was nothing I could do and the parents were scared to discipline their children because they could be done for assault," he said.

"In the old days I have taken kids behind the building and given them a whack up the backside, taken them home to their parents, and the parents have asked me to whack them instead of the parents (disciplining them)."

Years ago, when working in Opunake in Taranaki, he would get young offenders to polish the fire engine in the main street.

Parents supported that because it meant they were not paying a fine, and the youngsters were being held accountable for their actions, he said.

These days, very few things were done as a family, said Barsanti.

"You don't see families going away together," he said.

"Kids aged 14 and 15 are going off and doing their own things. You've got to bring back respect, loyalty and some discipline."

Barsanti, who will turn 60 two days after his retirement, said he loved the job but had decided it was time to finish.

He has been on the Marlborough District Council since 1989 and is standing for re-election.

He is also standing for election for the first time to the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board.

Smacking Law Affecting Good Families


Family First is starting to be contacted by families who are being affected by Sue Bradford's anti-smacking law. These cases are heartbreaking and are proving that the law is ineffective, having no effect on rates of child abuse or child abuse deaths, and is penalising good parents.


Family First will be releasing to the media examples of good parents being targeted by CYF, schools and police.  Please contact us in the strictest confidence.

Please also join us in the " Great NZ Table Challenge " as we seek to gain the remaining 90,000 signatures required for a National Referendum on Child Abuse and Parental Correction.

Family First NZ is joining with a new group Unity for Liberty and other groups in inviting all concerned New Zealanders across the country to 'take up arms' - that means pens, tables and petition forms!
When : The Month of November (Saturdays, if you can do more days even better)
Where : The length and breadth of New Zealand
Why : To achieve the 300,000 signatures for the Citizens Initiated Referendum (already 210,000 collected)
How :  By being available in your own communities for NZ'ers to sign the petition. Ring up a local shop and ask to run a table outside their business on a Saturday or for a few days. Perhaps a sports field - mid-week touch - flower shows - Expos - wherever there's a crowd (the possibilities are endless!)