Saturday, September 05, 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009

Section 59 is a complete and utter dog’s breakfast

The Prime Minister has acknowledged that the current Section 59 is a complete and utter dog’s breakfast. He did so in an interview with Michael Laws on RadioLive at about 11:40 am on Friday, 4 September.

Mr Key might be good on financial matters but he has little idea how the law should work in a democracy. He will not be Prime Minister forever. Another government might tell the police to ignore his instructions and enforce the law as it is written.

John Boscawen bill is almost identical to an amendment he was very much in favour of. If there was a referendum on keeping the existing law or going back to the original Section 59 I am sure the majority would vote for a law change. There were a handful of doubtful verdicts which the jury may have got wrong over a period of about 15 years. The law did not need changing but that is now history. Act’s John Boscawen bill is a genuine compromise and certainly a lot better than a law that the Prime Minister describes as a complete and utter dog’s breakfast.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Yes We Can't!

I got sent this poem the other day which succinctly sums up S59 and the governments latest window dressing!

Yes We Can't

We have a law which says you can't

But we say why can't we

As parents do what we know best

In our democracy.

To smack a child is not assault

When c'rection he demands.

It's for his good we lay the hand;

A better law commands.

But Nanny says you must desist;

It's harmful to the child.

Just let him scream, and bite and hit;

Don't let yourself get wild.

Comes Nanny then to comfort Mum

"We know it's hard to stop.

The law will not be dealt to you.

We've told the local cop.

So then you can and then you can't;

A smack is no big deal.

Assault it is, but we won't look."

Mum's answer is: "Get real."