Monday, May 04, 2009

ACT - Mt Albert by election

ACT is the only party in Parliament which opposes the anti parental correction legislation. Before the last election I knew ACT opposed this legislation. However, I was unsure what priority ACT would give to amending this anti family law. A short while ago John Boscawen made it clear ACT was serious about restoring parental rights with his private member’s bill.

If like the majority of voters who still oppose this law now is your chance to make a difference particularly if you live in the Auckland area. If you live in the Mt Albert electorate your vote for ACT will help send the message to the government that they ignore the wishes of the vast majority of parents at their peril.

If you live outside the electorate but are in greater Auckland you can still make a difference by volunteering to help ACT in their election campaign in Mt Albert. If you live outside greater Auckland a financial contribution would be most helpful and much appreciated.