Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Invercargill: 83% Want Anti-Smacking Law Repealed

A survey by Invercargill MP Eric Roy shows a majority of Invercargill residents want to bring back smacking and ban cellphone use in cars.

The survey was sent to 21,500 homes in Invercargill and asked questions on issues from health to a passenger train service.

Almost 12,000 responses had come back and random sampling had been used to come up with statistics, Mr Roy said.

A total of 83 percent of people responding to the survey wanted to repeal the "anti-smacking" legislation removing a legal defence for parents to hit their children.


12,000 responses out of 21,500 surveys is a very high response rate, and so the result of 83% will be extremely close to reality.  And surprise surprise, it also backs up what we have been saying for a long time now: "83% of Kiwis don't want the Anti-Smacking Law".  Read the rest of the article here at The Southland Times