Saturday, June 28, 2008

National and the Referendum

"We support the Referendum but...
We will ignore it anyway. Hahaha"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where does John Key and National stand on the "anti-smacking" law?

Bob McCoskrie has sent out an email explaining John Key's and National's position on the "anti-smacking" law.

We have been asked on a number of occasions where does National stand on the anti-smacking law, and will they change it if elected as the government.

Here's the answer...
Nats won't change child-discipline law, says Key
The Press 26 June 2008
National Party leader John Key has ruled out overturning the controversial child-discipline law if he becomes Prime Minister, despite championing a referendum on the issue. In Parliament yesterday, he accused Prime Minister Helen Clark of "ignoring the will of the New Zealand people" and urged a referendum be held on the so-called "anti-smacking" legislation at election time. His call came after Clark announced the Government had accepted official advice that it was too late to hold a referendum this year.

Asked by The Press afterwards if a National government would consider revoking the law as a result of a referendum, Key said: "No. The position as it has essentially always been since we signed a compromise (with Labour) is that if we see good parents being criminalised for lightly smacking their children then we will actively seek to change the law," he said. "But at this point, as the police report pointed out earlier this week, we haven't seen that at all. "The test we have is a pretty simple one. If the law doesn't work then we'll change it."

Family First Comment :
We are currently researching a number of cases where good parents have been criminalised or had children removed by CYF for lightly smacking or correcting their children.

If you have been investigated or prosecuted by the police or CYF for 'light smacking', or know of someone who has, please email us in the strictest confidence

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"prime minister smacks of arrogance" - John Key

With the numbers looking right for a referendum on the "anti-smacking" law to be given the go ahead the PM is getting nervous.

She said to the NZ Herald this morning "Just in terms of sheer organisation, I do not think that is possible".

But John Key is fighting back in the name of democracy saying "the referendum should take place at the general election in 2008 and quite frankly the behaviour of the prime minister smacks of arrogance and wasteful behaviour."

"You can't tell me that it will take more than two months to organise one simple question to be added to the ballot paper." he continues.

John Key then says "But this is about democracy, the right of people to be heard and it's the absolute height of arrogance that the prime minister is going to use a technicality within the law to circumvent people's rights to express their views on the issue."

But John Key has still made no commitments to overturn the law.

Rodney Hide has also joined in with Key saying

"Labour's anti-smacking legislation strikes at the very heart of how Kiwi parents raise their children, with both National and Labour saying they know best.

"ACT doesn't accept that they do - ACT backs parents, and we back Kiwis having a say about what they think the law should be," Mr Hide said.