Friday, April 27, 2007

Smack down the middle

by Craig Smith of Family Integrity

The Show on TV - Sunday Night 7.30pm Smack down the Middle - DID NOT, in fact, deal with the famous "hosepipe" case the repeal lobby bring up time and again. It dealt with a totally unknown case that is unknown because it never made it to court but was tossed out by a couple of Taranaki JPs who decided it was not worth prosecuting.

Just to point out a few things: the father of the boy was all upset. Well, for crying out loud, who was it sent his own son away because he could no longer handle him? Did he not choose where the boy got sent? Did he not check out what kind of treatment the boy would get there?

The boy was asked if he'd ever smack his own future children. "No, munless they...." There you have it.

The father said, in spite of all this, he DID NOT support Bradford's Bill.

I must also add that the smack the uncle administered was controlled, not in anger, measured and explained to the boy and the boy apparently submitted to it.

In virtually ALL the discussions about smacking, parents are portrayed as lashing out in frustration, anger, having come to the end of their tether. The wee film clips of parents smacking children with their hands are all of this variety. THis is not controlled, useful, purposeful corporal correction. This is what most would call "light smacks" that they don't want to see banned. It is the measured strokes with a wooden spoon or cane that are, in fact, most judicial, helpful, purposeful, effective, are explained to the child, are submitted to by the child, but which are most likely to be banned because they have not entered into the debate.

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Anonymous said...

To Craig Smith:

Hi Craig,

I contacted you via email a few weeks ago as a result of a very sloppy Dominion Post article about you saying you condoned corporal punishment.

I just had a 'blog' talk to Jonathan and my true story "corporal punishment to self-injury" (very last messages below) that I had sent to you is posted in the blog slot under the heading "Bradford is getting desperate".

This message here is simply to say 'hello' and to wish you well.

Best wishes,

S59 Survivor
Palmerston North.

(sorry I have to keep myself anonymous for my own personal safety)