Thursday, October 18, 2007

Commissioner wants child poverty addressed

"It is my job to ensure the rights of every child and young person in New Zealand are recognised and each enjoys good health, education, safety and economic well being."

No the heck it isn't.  The title of "children's commissioner" is a very new one and created by this Labour Government.  She is simply another tool in Nanny State's hand, attempting to scare New Zealanders into embracing more state control of their lives.  No the Government is not responsible to ensure that every child is healthy or has a good education or economic well being.  Safety is an area where I grant you, the Government should have some jurisdiction.  However for the other four areas mentioned, it is clearly the job of the parents to manage these aspects in the life of their child on a day to day basis.  At some point, without a question, it becomes necessary for the Government to step in to halt a horrible miscarriage of justice, of parents upon their own children.

Legislating against every single family is simply going to make the situation worse.  What is needed, and it is painfully obvious, is sensible sentencing.


Rebel Heart said...

You do realise that United Future were the ones who wanted a Children's Commission set up, and that it was a part of their agreement with Labour when going into coalition?

Andy said...

Yeah, but United Future's not up to much are they?

Rebel Heart said...

Well I figured since you support Future NZ and the fact that its founder was, you know, Gordon socialist Copeland you'd have supported them when they were elected.

Andy said...