Saturday, November 17, 2007

Because it's still legal


dad4justice said...

Andy ,
You are an inspiration to Christian values and common sense family principles . Well done at the show. Sorry I could not attend as I'm extremely busy with recent family developments and my McKenzie Friend Court service . So many people are becoming victims of this terrible governments nanny state mentality . The Greens are just a socialist freak show of utopian misfits. New Zealand badly needs divine intervention before the damage to our children becomes overwhelming for society . This Labour government are a callous and cruel in their twisted logic concerning our most treasured assets , our children . This is a sad and lost country struggling with low self esteem levels and appropriate role models .

Anonymous said...

You are so right.

Have just heard of a child being taken into CYFs care after her mother smacked the child. The child then rang CYFs to tell them.

Andy said...

Thanks D4J.

Anonymous, this case you mention of a child being taken into CYFS care after a smack on the hand, have you passed this on to Bob McCoskrie of Family First? You should do so, as he is collecting details of such cases as proof that the new anti-smacking law is indeed damaging good families.