Friday, December 21, 2007

Spain quick to follow NZ on anti-parental-authority law

This from | 21 Dec 07

The Spanish Congress has passed a bill that bans parents from smacking their children.

Spanish law had allowed parents to 'reasonably and moderately correct their children'.

But the Socialist government has voted to delete that clause in order to remove any ambiguity.

The conservative opposition party voted against the change on the grounds that it would leave parents powerless to discipline their children.

Of Europe's 46 member states, 16 have already banned smacking at school and in the home.


dad4justice said...

At the risk of sounding negative at this time of year it must be said that Sue Bradford is a moronic mother will little parenting ability . She thinks it's OK for police to come around after a neighbour complains about parental smacking ? She is advocating a police state and in reflection maybe some direction from the authorities in her younger years might have stopped her son jumping from a building ? How could a women of such a motley character have so much influence in a country completely debased by infanticide and crime ? Her nanny state mentality is the reason why children are abused in this country .

Larry sounded plausible while Sue just spoke more venomous lies .

Anonymous said...

you surpass yourself, 'dad'! What kind of debased cretin would use the tragic death of someone's child in this context?
has it ever occurred to you that people from all walks of life commit suicide? people from religious and atheist families, from loving and abusive families, from families who hit and families that don't.
given your obsessive, vitriolic and abusive rantings right across the internet one might suggest you have more than a touch of mental illness running in your family.
i sincerely hope you never have to confront such a devastating situation.