Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't Vote Labour: the poem

Christchurch marched in driving rain,
Three thousand protests were in vain,
"Protect parental rights!", they cried.
"We're protecting children", Labour lied.

"Freedom of Speech", Labour said,
They're trying to get our votes instead.
"Make them pay!" they declared.
With Mugabe they're compared.

"They've got too much freedom", Labour thinks,
"What else can we ban? Can't ban the drinks,
Helen didn't sleep because of the show,
So fireworks are the next to go!"

That's right Labour! We don't mind
We know you're trying to be kind,
Get rid of all our fireworks nights,
Take our freedom, ignore our rights.

"Close down SIT? No problems at all,
Old Tim Shadbolt's a bit of a fool.
Raise the taxes! Increase the rates!
We know that's what our country hates."

Let Labour in again? It's not wise,
They're trying to control our lives.
The only thing that can be done,
Is get them out and have some fun.

- by a free-thinking 16 year old who refuses to obey the Electoral Finance Act and put her name and address on this "Election Advertisment"

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