Monday, February 04, 2008

Children's Commissioner - "Smacking = Violence = Criminals"

Lucyna at NZ Conservative comments on Cindy Kiro's most recent press release.

Cindy Kiro has an article in today's Dominion Post that draws a rather long bow. She asserts that violence causes violence and implies that smacking is violence, therefore smacking creates violent individuals of the type that she has talked to in prison.

What I find even more disturbing than her tightly held belief that smacking is violence, is the statement that seems to come out of nowhere like a tourette's expletive - "Punching a child in the head is not discipline and it may well kill them."

What the!!!

Who is calling for the right to "punch a child in the head"???

Is Cindy on some kind of memory lane trip at this point where she remembers something horrible from her own childhood?

By putting that statement in her article, Cindy Kiro is directly implying that all of us who believe we need to be able to physically discipline our children (should it become necessary) and not be criminalised are potentially out of control child murderers that need to be dobbed in by our friends and neighbours.

Just what type of childhood did Cindy Kiro have?

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andywilson said...

cindy kiro just like the former childrens commissioner dr. ian hasall is clearly "off the planet!".
like most of the " pro anti smacking lobby " they are guilty of replacing the word "smack" with the inaccurate words like "hit" "punch" & "beat" to further promote their warped ideology by using propaganda emotive words.