Sunday, September 28, 2008

to heck with mum and dad... vote for me

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Unknown said...

Sue Bradford, has 5 kids..well 4 now 1 commited suicide,sadly but also sad is that Sue blames the school he went to because it failed to provide psychiatric help to evaluate her childs depression!...It's this "muddled " kind of thinking that got Sue all steamed up on the anti smacking crusade. As always these anti smacking crusaders substitute inaccurate emotive words such as "beating" instead of "smack" to push forward their misguided agendas .Sue is also supports another bill which allows a child under 16 to have an abortion without parents been informed.Talk about "muddled " thinking again! Sue is a misguided timebomb frequently making things worse for ALL OF US.Unfortunately if Greens get their usual quota of votes Sue is only a list MP ,but would be secured a seat. Do i need to say more..!