Monday, October 12, 2009

Dargaville Meeting on the Anti-Smacking Referendum

Peter in Dargaville was so incensed at the governments response to the last referendum that he organised his own community meeting. He invited John Boscawen, Larry Baldock and Bob McCoskrie to speak, as well as John Carter, his local MP.

After the meeting Peter wrote to John Carter below

Dear John

We had a very well attended meeting of 62 people at Dargaville last night and it is a shame that you could not be at the meeting yourself.

Although similar in its purpose and goal to the meetings organized by John Boscawen, this was not an ACT meeting, but a meeting organized by Northlanders and [...]

For the rest or the letter

John's response was

Thanks for the update Peter.
Cheers J C

Hardly a staisfactory response but better than I got from the Prime Minister in relation to the Hamilton meeting. I will post that soon.

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