Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pita Sharples - "It's what we want, not what New Zealand wants"

This from the Dominon post, Wednesday 14 March

...Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples acknowledged yesterday the decision of his MPs would not be popular with many people.  "But we're asking New Zealand to be brave - to look at the possibility of a culture where we don't hit our children and that we can actually find an alternative way of bringing up our children."...

It's as clear as daylight what Pita is saying.  Summing up, he's saying: "yes, we realise that the majority of New Zealanders, primarily caring parents, - do not agree with the decision to repeal Section 59.  However, we 70odd MPs in Parliament know better than these parents, and therefore plan to vote against their will, even though, we acknowledge, we have been set in place to represent their will."

What a sickeningly weak-kneed response.  Good old Chester Borrows trys to wack some sense into the Maori MPs yesterday (13March), and they turn round and issue this non-sensical statement?  Don't even get me started on Labour!  Bunch of no-hopers all voting for what Helen Clark wants, - and of course Clark wants it because then the Greens will ally with her at the next election.

New Zealanders, is this democracy?  No, this is one of the first steps on the way to New Zealand becoming a third-world, communist country with an untouchable dictator and their bunch of henchmen (MPs) making all the legislation they want to become law.

"Its the most anti democratic thing that I have seen in NZ politics" - quote.


Anonymous said...

Well obviously it's a quote, that's why you've put in in quotation marks. Any idea who said it? You need to name the source of the quote when you make statements like that, unless it's your own opinion and then you dont have to put quotation marks around it.

Andy said...

It's a summary, - a paraphrase of her comment. How else do you put together the two statements: "the decision of [the] MPs would not be popular with many people" and "but we're asking New Zealand to be brave"?

She's saying in other words, we know better.

Your anonymity takes away somewhat, from your credibility I have to say.