Thursday, March 15, 2007

This is an Email i recieved today from a friend...

Listening to Leighton Smith this morning, a national mp was on talking about section 59. He pointed out that Labour MPs are being 'whipped' to vote for the repeal. This means they can be expelled from the party if they do not vote with the party. However not all Labour MPs agree with this repeal. Indeed some are actually really against it.

The following MP's he identified as being anti the repeal. I believe we should write to these men and support and encourage them to have courage and vote with their conscience. Please share this information with anyone you think who would be keen to write to these men.

Damian O'Connor and

Dover Samuels and

George Hawkins and

Harry Duynhoven

Mahara Okeroa

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Andy said...

Hi Jono,
fantastic to have you onboard again mate! Good news at Parliament on Wednesday, aye.
Another Section 59 blog, primarily news updates and press releases
Email the MPs, includes updates on the Section 59 debate.